It is estimated by the authorities that the Turkish Dried Apricot crop for the 2021 season is 86,039 MT in Malatya and a total of 95,000 MT with neighboring provinces.

TMO is likely to intervene again in the market and the sector will have a difficult year with the shorter crop (8.9% lower than the 2020 crop) and the negative impact of very high freight rates.

We will be starting new crop offers very soon and shipments are scheduled to start by August, so please let us know your 2021 crop inquiries. We can offer Organic and Conventional Dried Apricots in whole / diced / paste forms in various sizes and specifications.

If you need more information or have demands for Organic and Conventional Apricots or any other products we supply, please feel free to call or email us.

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Source (Turkish)
2021 Malatya Apricot Forecast Table (pdf)